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The “flipped classroom” (lectures on video, activities in the classroom) was invented independently and simultaneously by several instructional researchers/developers.

Fiedler and I (with BBST 1.0) were among this earliest publishers within this group (see here and here and here).

When you analyze something as a “black box”, you look at its interaction with the world.

Hung Quoc Nguyen and I developed the first version of BBST right after we published Testing Computer Software 2.0 in 1993.

What goes into building a mission destined for Mars?

NASA's Mars Science Laboratory is being assembled and tested right now in the clean room at JPL.

We want to make it easier for students to succeed by improving how we teach the course, but our underlying criteria for success aren’t going to change.

In contrast, we are is more about what you will do.

To successfully complete a typical instructor-led course, a student spends about 12-15 hours per week for 4 weeks (48-60 hours total).Florida Institute of Technology recruited me to teach software engineering, in 2000.In that setting, Fiedler and I wrote grant proposals and got funding from NSF to expand BBST and turn it into an online course.In 15 years, we have helped to thousands of business owners all around the world to grow their businesses.From United States to Australia, thousands of business owners from 80 countries use Oempro every day to send emails and manage their lists.Some readers of this post won’t be familiar with BBST. If you are already familiar with BBST, there’s nothing new here. The value of studying something as a black box is the focus. You focus on the appropriateness and value of the behavior.