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Digest transmits credentials across the network as a Message Digest 5 (MD5) hash or message digest. Schannel is used for applications used in cross-organization environments, such as Web-based server authentication, in which a user attempts to access a secure Web server or corporate access using VPN.

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We described the authentication workflow, but if a user logins in application X, (s)he won’t be logged-in in application Y or Z.The trick here, is to set a top level domain cookie that can be seen by all applications running on subdomains.To do that, the easiest way is to keep your current login forms but instead of POSTing them to your local apps, we’ll POST them to a centralized authentication API.(SSL is strongly recommended) As shown above, the login form now submits to an endpoint in the authentication application.One way or another, we start running multiple separate applications that need to interact seamlessly.My goal will be to describe some of the high-level challenges and solutions found in implementing a Single-Sign-On service.That’s especially true if you are sending back a ‘mobile’ token for instance. What’s important to consider is that we need a way to ensure that the data sent back to the client can’t be tampered with.

If the token is empty or can’t be decrypted, authentication failed.It’s tricky, because you might actually be “authenticating” yourself to website X using OAuth.What you are really doing is allowing website X to use your information stored by the OAuth provider.Once the other pieces will be in place, you can migrate one code API a time until your entire code base is moved over.You might want to change your DB credentials to only have read access, then no access at all.If the verification failed, the token isn’t generated.